Highway Tech

Highway Tech


Highway Tech is a value-added distributor of traffic control equipment in the Northeast Region focusing on Intelligent Transportation Systems (“ITS”).  Since 1990, the company has partnered with electrical contractors on outdoor projects primarily for municipalities and government agencies, installing traffic systems such as controllers and cabinets, detection systems, closed-circuit television systems (CCTV), Connected Vehicle (CV) and data collection technologies.

Due to the dynamic nature of ITS project requirements, no single manufacturer produces the array of products required. A key element in the successful implementation of ITS systems and projects is the equipment distributor/systems integrator. Highway Tech was formed to fill this role. Through vendor relationships and a thorough understanding of project requirements, Highway Tech provides customers turn-key solutions to the complex requirements of today’s ITS projects.

In addition to working with installation contractors and end-users, we are often involved in the design and specification process through our relationships with design consultants as well as state and municipal transportation officials. It is through our involvement in the early stages of the process we are able to gain a thorough understanding of the desired end results.

Additionally, Highway Tech maintains an extensive inventory to support your immediate needs.